Five Stones. Five Arts. There can be no better way of learning than by doing. Five Stones is a production company built around the educational needs of its students. What better way to discover a career in the Arts than by training while performing? Five Stones is industry professionals with teaching qualifications working with young artists in a state-of-the-art performance facility. Our first offering for 2016 is a Diploma of Musical Theatre which includes a Certificate III in Live Production and Services.



Five Stones Productions is a theatre company. The company has been designed to specifically support the work of the courses it provides. Its vision is to provide a taste of the performing arts industry by having students live the theatre life; students rehearsing and performing within a theatre while undertaking classes to refine their existing skills.

Five Stones Productions is about the shows it creates. All learning is centred on the four large-scale performance events; the double cast musical, the orchestral musical, the dinner concert, and a festival of solo performances. While these events are built for the Five Stones students, a range of other events at the Performing Arts venue provide opportunities to practise other skills; lighting, choreography, stage management, sound, front-of-house administration, and design.

Five Stones Productions is about ongoing support. The offered course runs for a year, but Five Stones will always be open to the ideas of its graduates. Five Stones has students who will later attend other tertiary courses, while others will quickly begin to create performances of their own. It is important that these talented young people have access to colleagues who can offer advice and, possibly a venue for new work.

Five Stones Productions is currently offering a Diploma of Musical Theatre CUA50213 which includes a Certificate III in Live Production & Services CUA30413.

Students under the age of 18 require parental permission before applying for the course. Entry to the course is by audition and interview.

The course is held in Mueller Performing Arts Centre on the Redcliffe Peninsula. 
75 Morris Road, Rothwell QLD 4022

The workload is part-time and course delivery will be on Tues/Wed/Thurs. Some components of the course will require production performances that will be performing in Mueller Performing Arts Centre.



Any required textbooks/workbooks for the course must be purchased by the student.

Private voice or instrumental lessons are optional, but can easily be arranged. For convenience these would almost always occur at facilities within the Five Stones venue.

The elements of the Diploma and Certificate III course are combined into seven subjects. They are as follows;

Voice Skills
Movement Skills
Acting Skills
Technical Skills 1 Practical and Theory
Technical Skills 2 Performance Support
Performance Skills 1 – Rehearsals
Performance Skills 2 – Performance

These seven subjects lead to four key performance events and a range of other performance experiences. The four key performance events are;

  1. Double cast musical
  2. Orchestral musical
  3. Dinner concert
  4. Festival of solo performances

For the full breakdown of required components of the Diploma and Cert III CLICK HERE

At the end of the course you will have received the qualifications of:


This will provide you with a range of future outcomes. These could include;

  • Confident application to further tertiary training in the Arts and associated courses
  • Ability to create self devised work by yourself, or with your graduating class
  • Skills to carry into other areas of employment and training

Most importantly this course will have tested your desire for a career in the Arts. At the end of your time with Five Stones, you will be able to ask the difficult question, “Are the Arts for me?”

To enrol in Five Stones Productions the following process occurs:

  2. We will contact you for a scheduled INTERVIEW and AUDITION (performing a one minute monologue and 32 bars of a musical theatre song or a short performance of a dance/movement piece)
  3. After the interview/audition you will be informed if you are eligible for the course
  4. If accepted, you will be ENROLLED in the next available intake.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: contact@fivestones.com.au or phone: (07) 3897 2865